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A swimming pool is an important part of the value of your home and building a pool is a complicated process. There are 23 phases of construction and all must be done properly, so why use us? Because Danny’s Pools of Southwest Florida we care about our customers, building a quality pool, and we want to make the building process as stress free as possible. We want you to have the pool you’ve dreamed of and that it brings you many years of enjoyment. 

How much is a basic size pool?

There is not a “basic size” pool. There are many variables that can change the price of your project. 

What kind of materials do you use?

We always like to use the best products but we always give the customer the opportunity to pick out what they want. 

What is the timeframe to complete a pool?

From signature of contract to a finished pool – 6-8 months.

Are you taking new customers because we have called everyone in town and they don’t show up?

Even though we are super busy we don’t say no to work, and will always pick up a new customer. 

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing through a third party lender – please click here to apply with Lyons Financial.

How is the shortage in supply affecting the finishing time on a pool?

Even though there is many problems finding materials these days, we never quit until we find what we need for your pool as soon as possible.